Property host(s)/Caretaker(s) - Yerington, NV

Property host(s)/Caretaker(s) - Yerington, NV

Posted: 5/17/2017 - 5:05 pm

We are looking for a property host (individual or couple) to live on a rural property along the East Walker River in Nevada (9 Mile Ranch). The property is very remote and is at least one hour away from the city of Yerington, NV and about a 25 mile drive on dirt roads to a small grocery store in Hawthorne, NV. Reno, NV is the nearest large city and it is about 3 hours away. There is a great opportunity for exploration both on the property and in surrounding areas for those who like to be outdoors and hike. Pets like cats or dogs are also ok.

This position is unpaid, but we are providing the water and utilities and a small weekly stipend to help cover gas and incidentals. We will not be asking much of the person/people in this position other than that they maintain a presence at the property to deter trespass and to report any issues promptly.


  • Person/Couple must have their own trailer or RV AND a personal vehicle
  • Live on the property full time for the duration of the contract. 

Length of time is negotiable, three months preferred. 

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