FEATURED JOB OPENING: Ranch Managing Couple - 10 Miles from La Pryor, TX

FEATURED JOB OPENING: Ranch Managing Couple - 10 Miles from La Pryor, TX

Posted: 8/8/2017 - 7:39 am

Seeking an experienced, full-time Ranch Managing Couple, near La Pryor, TX. The position is for a self-motivated, honest, personable, hard working couple with a positive attitude. Team must have a sharp eye for detail. Understanding preventative maintenance is the catalyst for longevity. Must be able to work in South Texas conditions and occasional long hours during the winter. The couple must be non-smokers and complete random drug screens. This private 4,000 acre ranch is family owned for personal use and enjoyment.

Manager Responsibilities: (including but not limited to)
- maintenance and repair of all ranch equipment and vehicles

- advanced welding and fabrication skills

- ability to work and manage a limited number of cattle
- maintain water wells, pumps, lines and troughs

- monitor and repair roads, fences, blinds, feeders, structures

- work with the state Biologist and LMA program
- predator control or eradication projects

- maintain detailed records for expenses and projects
- agriculture knowledge for planting, and field maintenance 

- vegetation and weed treatments and chemical applications

- hunting season: guest assistance, wildlife cleaning and packaging
- following and instructing safety measures for guests and vendors
- basic knowledge of plumbing, electrical, and carpentry
- some Spanish a plus

Wife Responsibilities: (including but not limited to)
- customer service for owners and guests
- clean and organized
- housekeeping duties for owner cabins, and managers house
- meal: preparations, service, and clean up for owners and guests
- assist with ranch duties as needed or desired

- Salary - $50,000 to $60,000 (depending on experience)
- housing and utilities
- ranch vehicle

This position is a “One Man Operation” with the owners understanding that some projects might require additional labor services.

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