Farm Hands and Smiles - Ft. Braden, FL

Farm Hands and Smiles - Ft. Braden, FL

Posted: 3/13/2017 - 12:03 pm

Come spend some time with us . . . Our farm generally has one or two work/RV site exchange positions open for a couple or singles. We are a located in a rural area of Tallahassee, surrounded by the beautiful Lake Talquin State Forest. Great fishing and hiking trails and beautiful sunsets.

Work is an average of 12 - 15 hours a week – some weeks will be less and some a little more. You will be responsible for tracking your time. Work includes feeding goats, cleaning out stable, fence building and repair, assisting with weeding and harvesting, general repair work, and general farm chores. Carpentry skills would be a huge bonus.

We provide water, wifi, laundry, fresh eggs, and a share of the harvest when it begins. Site has its own electrical box through Talquin Electric Cooperative and you will be responsible for electricity over $50 per month.

We do not have sewer available – perfect opportunity for composting toilets, otherwise you will need to set up a honey wagon or wagon tote to our on site sewer. Gray water dumping is fine, but you must use environmentally friendly products.

No children, please. No dogs unless they are well trained LGD or you have a portable fence, or are willing to build a fence around your RV spot (we will provide fence materials). Horse possible. One site is 30amp and the other is 50amp. Vandwellers welcome.  We don’t require a time commitment - if we have a spot open, we are happy to host you as you are passing through!

References required. Please send a cover letter telling us about yourself and a list of current references.

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