Duck Club Caretakers - Colusa, CA

Duck Club Caretakers - Colusa, CA

Posted: 3/19/2017 - 12:03 pm

Historic Butte Sink (N CA) duck club seeking full-time, year round caretakers. 

Live and work in the heart of the famous Sacramento Valley Butte Sink.  Established (1923) 1200 plus acre duck club.  Private lodging, utilities, medical, retirement, vacation, and flexible hours.

During duck season:  cook, clean, and help service member needs. Monitor and maintain water levels.

Off season:  assist with equipment and facility maintaince and repairs.  Help maintain the habitat and ground's.   Farm for ducks and geese.   Supervise and assist part-time employees with blind dressing, field preperations, etc.

Salary range based on experience.  











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