Building Repairs - Tok, AK

Building Repairs - Tok, AK

Posted: 11/28/2017 - 11:09 am

We are looking for individuals or couples willing to help with some maintenance items needed next summer at our wilderness lodge.

To give you an example of we need done I'll generate a list below:

• help in the 30 x 72 foot greenhouse - plant, weed, harvest

• many of our cabins need log oil (like a varnish) either sprayed on or brushed in some cases - hardest part of this job is taping the windows if spraying

• some of the decks need boards replaced or railings worked on

• other repairs or maintenance items as they come up

• some house keeping duties (for guest cabins) could be included 

In exchange for labor we will provide:

• a place to park your RV or one of our historic cabins (for time you are working)

• free wifi

• breakfast and dinner

• showers 

• use of hot tub, sauna, canoes, fat tire bikes

• use of numberous hiking trails

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