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If you are a job-seeking couple, you have just discovered the largest single source of jobs-for-two anywhere!


Isn't the job market tough enough already? Why struggle to find a couples job when you can just grab a front-row seat to a constant parade of openings (and every single job is suited to a couple)?


If you have spent any time at all searching for jobs that are for couples, you have probably gone down this path:


  • Searching in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc for couples jobs and (besides our site) finding everything BUT openings for two people.
  • Browsing Monster, CareerBuilder, etc and having to scroll through literally hundreds of jobs to find one or two that might be for a couple.
  • Trying to muddle your way through Craigslist ads - having to search one location at a time for a needle in a haystack.
  • Hopefully you haven't resorted to looking in your local paper!


Why a Couples Job?

There are two important benefits to working with your spouse or significant other.

  • You get to spend more quality time together
  • Jobs for couples (at least on our site) normally include housing.

Imagine that, getting two jobs AND a place to live all at the same time! Many onsite jobs are also suitable for couples with children and/or pets.


What Types of Jobs are There?

Most couples are surprised to find such wide variety of jobs that are available and that are looking specifically for two people. Here are some examples:

  • Apartment Manager/Resident Manager Teams
  • Caretaker Couples
  • Domestic Couples
  • House Parents
  • Innkeeper/Hotel/Motel Couples
  • Live-In Caregiver Couples
  • Management Couples
  • Ministry Couples
  • Mobile Home Park Management Teams
  • Property Management Couples
  • Pub-Restaurant Managers
  • Ranch/Farm Couples
  • Self Storage Management Teams
  • Work Camper/Campground Couples

We post thousands of jobs per year, all that are seeking couples or teams of two. While most of the openings are all across the US and Canada, you will also find couples jobs in Central America, the Caribbean, Europe and other locations. Surely your perfect opportunity awaits!


What Other Couples Are Saying:

"Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your website and the service you provide.  My wife and I decided to reinvent ourselves as a couple looking to manage/caretake/ or care for either a commercial enterprise or a personal estate. We had numerous inquiries in a two month period, and were offered 5 different positions. We eventually were offered a position that was right for us, and will soon be managing a personal estate.  From the time we first enrolled with until we accepted employment just over two months.


We couldn't be happier with your service.  Thanks for everything." ~ J.M & K.M




"A year ago, while living in the craziness, and chaos of a large city, (Houston, Texas), We replied to a “Resort Couple Management Team needed” ad on My wife and I are now Managers of a beautiful, peaceful resort in Northern California. Thanks for a great website and life changing service!" ~ Michael & Ginger




"We have enjoyed your service and it has helped us find a good permanent job. I would highly recommend your web site to anyone or couples that are looking for work. This is an awesome website, keep up the good work.

Thanks again" ~ J.F.



We have over 2,400 registered employers (and growing) that use the site. Read what they have to say:


"I was able to fill my position with just one insertion on your website.  The resumes were well qualified and easy to work with nationally using Skype to interview out of town candidates.


We hire working couples throughout the country and will surely use your website again when the need arises.


Thanks for having a great service." ~ Pete J.




Hello - thank you for your help in posting this role, the response has been overwhelming, so thank you. We have identified 6 couples to go through our rigorous interview process. The amount of resumes has been incredible. Thank you for your help in this, I greatly appreciate it." ~ Carrie W.




"Advertising on your website provided me with the most qualified couples I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing to run my B & B on the island of Contadora, Panama.

I hired an awesome couple through your website.  I interviewed them on SKYPE, checked out their references, and all said green for go and yet it was a little scary never having actually met them face-to-face.  We agreed on a year long contract which, sadly for me, will be up in March 2010 as one of them is returning to college.  I chose them out of three equally possible candidates, and have been extremely pleased with their ability and integrity to run my B & B as if it was their own.


I will be advertising with you again this month to make sure I get an equally good couple for next year.


Thanks" ~ Marion M.





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*We can only share with you the contact information provided by the employer (this might be a phone number, fax number, email address, website, postal address, or any combination of these contact methods.) Whatever the employer provides, we will provide to you.

One more note: unlike some other sites, we show you every current job opening we have (except for the contact info). We even show prospective subscribers expired listings (clearly marked as expired). We do this so you can make a more informed decision about subscribing beforehand, vs subscribing only to find out there are no current openings in the category or location you are seeking. We also want you to see the types of jobs that do become available on the site over time. Keep in mind that we don't control when and where the job openings come from. That being said, we do post thousands of couples jobs per year (new listings nearly every day) and you never know when the perfect job will be posted!

There are three options to join our community of job-seeking couples:


1. You can subscribe on a quarterly basis (best deal!). You will pay only $12 every three months (only 13 cents per day!) for as long as you remain part of our paid subscriber community. You can unsubscribe at any time to stop any future quarterly renewals. You will have full unrestricted access to the provided employer contact information for all active job listings on the site.

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You also have the ability to include your resume on the site for employers to peruse (optional upgrade - see below).


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Resume Posting: If you would like to take a more proactive position in your search for the perfect couples job, as a paid subscriber you will have the option to post your resume on the site and keep it there for as long as your paid subscription remains active for a one time charge of $14.95. This option will appear during checkout when you purchase your paid subscription access. You will be able to edit your resume as much as you need to while it is published on the site.


So What Are You Waiting For?

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