Remote - Historic Lodge in Alaska Wilderness - Looking for Caretaker Couple - Rainy Pass Lodge, AK

Remote - Historic Lodge in Alaska Wilderness - Looking for Caretaker Couple - Rainy Pass Lodge, AK

Posted: 5/21/2020 - 6:10 pm


We are looking for a hardworking, self-motivated couple for a permanent position as caretakers of Rainy Pass Lodge. This a unique opportunity to live at Alaska's oldest hunting and recreation lodge, established in 1937.  Our Lodge is a fly-in only lodge (off the road system) and is located 125 miles from Anchorage (the nearest city).  The lodge is made up of 12 log cabins and several other sheds situated on 5 acres of private property.  There is no other private properties or neighbors close by, it's a self-sufficient type situation, we produce our own electricity by diesel generator and have our own well and septic.  The lodge hosts high end guests and provides first class service for hunting and eco-tour clientele on a seasonal basis.

JOB DESCRIPTION / TASKS - The main tasks each day is to report the weather for the FAA and feed our horses.  Reporting the weather is easy once we teach you, but you will have to study, take a test and pass to become certified through the National Weather Service.  The weather is reported about seven times a day and takes 5-10 minutes to do each report, it is important for small aircraft flying through the area to know what the weather is doing.  We have about 20 horses which are primarily free range but come in each morning, we hook them up feed them a grain pellet, let them eat and come back an hour later to release them.  It is difficult to list every potential task that may arise but being remote you have to be self-sufficient and learn how to improvise if/when things break or go wrong.  Being so remote it could take a week or longer to get a repair person to the lodge.  Problem solving and thinking outside the box are huge assets to operating smoothly out there.  Some tasks could include pumping fuel, unloading planes, maintenance on generator and snow machines, shoveling snow, splitting firewood, cleaning lodge, helping weathered in guests or snowmachiners riding through, fixing potential electrical, plumbing, satellite, or mechanical problems that may arise.  We are also a check point for the following races Iditarod, Iron Dog, Ultra Sport.  Our family come's out to assist during those times (Mid Feb - end of March).  Some physical strength is required as horse feed bags weigh 50lbs, fuel containers weigh about 100lbs and propane tanks weigh about 200lbs.  All that being said it is typically a low stress, peaceful life style where you can work at your own pace as long as things are being cared for.

SEASON - We are looking for year round or seasonal caretakers and would ideally like someone to start in July 2020.  We are at the lodge June through September for our summer and hunting season but could use a caretaker couple during that time as well.  We have traditionally hired one couple to watch the place from October 1st - June 1st but we would be open to hiring 2-3 different couples to split up that time if it works better.  We would also be open for someone who wanted to stay longer.  Our last caretakers have been with us about 12 years and their health/age will no longer allow them to be out there.  

COMPENSATION - You will live right at the lodge so room and board is included as a large part of your pay, you will also receive a stipend starting at $1500/mo. for the two of you.  An increase in pay may become an option based on experience and job performance.  Some other living expenses are covered as well as we provide internet, phone, tv etc.  The job does not pay much because of the high cost of having people out there, our caretakers take the job for the lifestyle more than the pay.  It truly is a peaceful, unique way of life living off the grid.  We tell our caretakers to plan on one supply plane a month during the slow times of year, although we often end up with more.

QUALITIES / SKILLS - We are looking for a couple who is hard working, self-sufficient, personable, positive, problem solvers who can think outside the box to make things work.  Our team always says "Attitude is Everything!"  Additional skills that can help are mechanical, horse experience, cleaning, cooking, plumbing, electrical, and snow machine experience.  Sometimes there will be other people at the lodge but it will primarily be the two of you so having a good relationship in an isolated area is important.  We turn the generator off at night and have limited internet along with satellite tv.  The satellite internet is good for email and basic web browsing but not good enough to stream videos.  Keeping entertained with just the two of you is important.  We need caretakers who are trust worthy and don't have substance abuse issues, criminal records, or are "running" from something.  We would prefer just the two of you, please no pets.  We are a non-smoking, non-marijuana facility. 

Thank you for your time and interest.

God Bless,

Steve Perrins II

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