Housekeeper/Gardener - Fayetteville, NC

Housekeeper/Gardener - Fayetteville, NC

Posted: 6/11/2019 - 8:22 pm

We are looking for a couple to perform housekeeping and gardening at our home and a small business location. 

The housekeeping responsibilities can be completed in three or four workdays totaling 24 hours weekly.  We have not employed a gardener in the past, but believe these responsibilities can be performed in no more than 16 hours weekly.  We also have a toy poodle we need to have cared for during the workdays.  

Compensation is competitive and we do treat all wages as payroll (taxes and social security are taken into consideration, withheld, paid to the IRS and NC DOR).  We provide days off for holidays (unpaid) and one week of paid vacation annually.  Health insurance is not provided.  This is not a live-in arrangement.

We have geniune respect for people and appreciate the tasks they perform on our behalf.  We are looking for a cheerful couple with a good work ethic and who are totally trustworthy.  Background checks and a drug test will be required.

If you have an interest in this opportunity, please contact us by email first with your background and experience.  If you have a particular compensation expectation, please include that as well.

Thank you!


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