FEATURED JOB OPENING: House Parents for Teen Safehouse - Estero, FL

FEATURED JOB OPENING: House Parents for Teen Safehouse - Estero, FL

Posted: 3/14/2023

House Parents (spouses together, live-in) for Teen Safehouse - Minor females rescued out of Child Trafficking (no pets and no children allowed with caregiver)

Live-in House Parents (4 days wkly) for: WINGS OF SHELTER INT’L, INC. (Wings)

Wings (Florida) is a Christian, non-profit agency, designed for the long-term rehabilitation, within their Safe Houses, of female minors (ages 10-17), rescued from child trafficking, located in SW Florida.

Job Duties:

Reports Directly to Executive Director. “Live-in” House Parents for Wings Safe House, (4-days weekly), from (Sunday evenings at 7 PM until Thursday evenings at 7 PM) House Parents for up to 3 female teens, at any given time.

The House Parents set the "Godly loving tone" in the Safe House for girls that have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS). Even though there is a change of shift during the week – the House Parents are the “loving foundation” of the Safe House. It is extremely important for the House Parents to show a Godly heart of "unconditional love" and to show a lot of grace for girls that have “not” been taught how to manage their emotions, yet.

House Parents are trained, by Wings, to respond with a "non-punitive model," rather than, a parenting model. You will drive the clients/girls to their appointments; cook their food; spend time together entertaining (games; walks; exercise; shopping, etc.) and mentoring them; as well as, assisting them in how to develop healthy relationships. We say, “this is not a job but a calling.”

Together, We Can Make A Difference!

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