FEATURED JOB OPENING: Consider becoming a Milton Hershey School® Houseparent, Full-Time - Hershey, PA

FEATURED JOB OPENING: Consider becoming a Milton Hershey School® Houseparent, Full-Time - Hershey, PA

Posted: 7/11/2020 - 7:25 am

Would you and your spouse like to positively impact the lives of youth?  Do you both enjoy working with students from lower-income settings?  Would you like to collaboratively manage a large home and create memorable experiences & traditions for students in your care? Consider Houseparenting at the Milton Hershey School in Hershey, PA – the sweetest place on earth!™


Milton Hershey School (MHS) Houseparents are MARRIED COUPLES whom live in student homes on campus with 8 to 12 students whom they supervise. Houseparents are care-givers and role models for the students - living with them in campus homes and overseeing their daily lives. Houseparents are actively engaged with students in the morning helping the students begin their day with devotions and a healthy breakfast before going to school appropriately dressed, on-time, and ready to learn. While the students are in school, Houseparents have their personal time before being on duty again when the students return from school. Afternoons and evenings are busy with extra-curricular activities, dinner time, chores, homework, and timely bed-time. Weekends provide opportunity for student home activities and required Sunday chapel attendance. 


Houseparents ensure students’ well-being from a physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development standpoint. They collaborate extensively with other MHS staff including faculty, health services and others. Houseparents also build relationships with and maintain communication with students’ families or sponsors. 


Houseparents have administrative responsibilities including the oversight of the student home, student home budget, scheduling coordination, record-keeping and more. Houseparents participate in regular meetings and trainings to ensure they have the information required for the role. When initially hired, Houseparents work as a “flex” in which they work in a variety of homes until placed in an assigned home or quad of homes.


This is a year-round salaried position. Houseparents work 12 days on & 3 days off. Private apartments are provided. Houseparent couples are permitted to have up to two of their own children residing with them.


Minimum starting salary per married couple is $73,180.00 with an excellent benefits package including 3 weeks of paid summer vacation. Housing, utilities & meals are provided by nature of the job. Paid training and relocation assistance are provided. Best of all, there's the opportunity to make a significant and positive impact in the lives of the students in your care!   



·         Age 27 or older.

·         Legally married, preferably for three years or more.

·         High school diplomas or GED’s.

·         Valid driver’s licenses in good standing and both spouses willing to drive a ten-passenger van.

·         Successful experience working or volunteering with youth. (Houseparents are responsible for ensuring students’ well-being physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.)  Experience with youth from disadvantaged settings a plus.

·         Administrative skills including basic computer and budgeting skills.

·         Exceptional interpersonal skills with youth and adults. Effective communication and language skills necessary. 

·         Demonstrated success working in a dynamic work environment. Multi-tasking skills essential. 

·         Comfort level handling challenging situations including medical emergencies.

·         Houseparents may have up to two children of their own residing with them.

·         Only fish and some breeds of dogs are permitted.

·         U.S work authorization required.

·         Must demonstrate a high degree of integrity as all MHS staff are role models for students.

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