Education Host Volunteer - Superior, AZ

Education Host Volunteer - Superior, AZ

Posted: 11/8/2019 - 12:53 pm

We require 20 hours per person, per week (40 hours total).  Desired attributes in an Education volunteer are experience in education, enthusiasm to work with children and adults, an eagerness to learn about the desert ecosystem and share that knowledge with our visitors.  In return for services we provide a site with utilities including electricity, water, and sewer.  Propane is not included in site services.  Resident Host Volunteers are required to arrange for their own deliveries and service outside the ones we provide.

Cell phone reception differs from carrier to carrier and is spotty (Verizon and T-Mobile seem to work best here). Phone service is available from Quest and Wi-Fi is not provided at the RV spaces at this time (but we are working on it).  Volunteer Park Hosts will need to arrange for their own cable, Internet (we might have Wi-Fi by this fall but it is not promised), and phone services.

We have a laundry facility with two washers and two dryers all Resident Volunteers must use to do laundry.  The nearest chain grocery store is a 30 minute drive to either Globe, Arizona or Gold Canyon, Arizona.

Resident Park Host Volunteers primarily lead educational walking tours for groups of children and/or adults both public and private daily.  The Main Trail is 1.5 miles and some parts of the trail are on a steep grade.  Resident Host Volunteers must be physically able to walk the trail, and enthused to lead tours for the public.  Tours mostly run in the morning and are once a day, yet they are occasionally in the afternoon and twice a day (in the morning and afternoon).  Most tours are about 2 hours long.

Resident Park Host Volunteers also lead educational programs such as workshops and classes; maintain a table during trade shows; set up public and private events (requires ability to move tables and chairs); as well as other duties such as cleaning, gardening, researching, library work, and providing information.

In education the work week is two days off five days on working approximately 4 hours a day.  Sometimes the schedule permits a three day weekend.  Couples are scheduled off together unless otherwise requested.  I arrange in advance a week off sometime in Mid-March to Early April so a vacation can be planned.

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