WorkCamper Position - Mears, MI

WorkCamper Position - Mears, MI

Posted: 7/9/2018 - 7:06 pm

2018 Summer Opportunity. Seasonal, May thru September with 30 to 37 hours per week each. Duties include cleaning restrooms, campsites, and camping cabins. Some light handy-work and lawn and pool maintenance is required. Compensation includes an RV space with full hookup, a wage of $9.25 for all hours plus bonus, and two to three days off per week. Located in beautiful Silver Lake Sand Dunes, MI. 

Dear Potential Workcamper,

You'd be happy to know I can provide you with some past and present employees to give you an unbiased opinion of how we run our workcamper program. My wife Sarah and I have put a lot of time and energy into what you consider a nice working environment for your summer home.

Most importantly, we understand you need time off. This allows you to recharge and come back fresh. We all know that's incredibly important when it comes to customer service. So we offer 2 to 3 days off per week to spend time in the area and with each other. 

You'll find that we are really organized. You receive your schedule for the summer in advance, after you've provided us with requested days off prior to beginning the hectic summer months. 

My past and present workcampers really enjoy having all amenities included. You receive discounts to our store; free laundry; free wireless, free lot rent, and schedules are rotated equally. 


We are very involved in the day to day operation and really strive to build a family, not just  a team. It’s no wonder that our average retention rate for workcamper positions is 2 to 3 years, even 7 years for some of them.  


Give us call, even if it’s to just find out more about us. Can’t wait to hear from some of you!


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