Teaching Parent Couple - stuart, FL

Teaching Parent Couple - stuart, FL

Posted: 1/11/2018 - 5:25 pm

The Teaching Parent position requires the combined efforts of a married couple to provide for the training and supervision of the boys in care. Under the guidance of the Program Director, this couple also offers encouragement and accountability to the parents of the residents. 

We believe in a team approach. A structured behavior program encourages consistency. This is a proven residential behavior management program with a school on campus. 


•              Be at least 25 years old.

•              Have a high school diploma or equivalent.

•              Have a clean driving record and current driver’s license.


•              Love for serving in a ministry that honors Jesus Christ.

•              Compassion for children and families.

•              Understanding of parenting responsibilities.

•              Strong work ethic and appreciation for structure.

•              Desire to work as a team member with a teachable spirit.

•              Work within the framework of the established behavior program.

•              Be a role model for residents and their families.

•              Pass a physical examination.

•              Pass background checks and fingerprinting.

•              Demonstrate driving skills, first aid skills, crisis prevention skills.

•              Demonstrate written and verbal communication skills as well as

               basic computer skills.


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