Caretaker Position on Private Island - Belize/Central America - Dangriga

Caretaker Position on Private Island - Belize/Central America - Dangriga

Posted: 10/6/2019 - 12:21 pm

VOLUNTEER CARETAKER AND PETSITTER POSITION available on a 4 acres small Caribbean Island in Belize.

This position is not paid, but there is a possibility to earn at least your living at site. Please ask for details.

We need someone in good physical condition, who feels confident living alone with a pig from beginning of November on, at our remote island in very simple environment. Frugal dealing with resources is required.

Electricity comes from our solar system and drinking and using water from rain water harvest. Your job would be: being present at the island 24/7 and looking after and feeding Piggy, a free living, dominant and not castrated male pig, maintaining and controlling the water and solar system, cleaning the beaches and trails, moving some sea weed, watering the plants and other small maintenance jobs. In your spare time you could watch the sky, sunsets, dolphins and rays, explore the island, go snorkeling or fishing around the island, find meditation or yoga spots, or just seize the day.

Accommodation is a little wooden beach hut with a comfortable queen sized bed, kitchen corner with two burner gas stoves, and basic equipment. There is no boat on the island. All supplies you need, you have to bring when you come in a hired motorboat from the mainland. There is no delivery service! Depending on the weather, there might be some sandflies. Our shower is outside, along with a compost toilet. We have perfect conditions for snorkeling and fishing in shallow waters around the island. Internet and cellphone service are available on the island!

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