If you have had a positive experience, either as an employer seeking couples or as a job-seeking couple, please drop us a line and let us know (admin@workingcouples.com). We LOVE to share success stories!


What employers are saying:


"Advertising on your website provided me with the most qualified couples I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing to run my B & B on the island of Contadora, Panama. I hired an awesome couple through your website."

- M.M.


"We have found caretakers (who found us through your site), ...."

- L.W., Palisades, ID


"Thank you for letting us know, we had a good response."

- Lake Coeur d'Alene Camping Resort


"Your website is certainly a great way to find working couples." 

- L.S.


"I found two couples on your web site and I am so proud of them. Thanks for your help. You are furnishing a great service."

- R.H.


"Hello - thank you for your help in posting this role...the response has been overwhelming, so thank you."

- C.W.


 What job-seeking couples are saying:


"First of all I want to share my story- I signed up and applied for a job as Self Storage Manager in San Antonio TX (we are in Las Vegas, NV)  I heard from the person who placed the ad the same day I applied, after a phone interview and a Skype interview, my husband and I were hired.  This process all took less than a week- we will be starting our new position on June 7th.  Your site is great and I refer many people to it."

- Janine


"Just so you know I find the site and the daily E-mails very helpful, even though my wife and I are not presently searching for a position.  I think you are doing a great job and it is appreciated.

Best regards,"

- Mark


"We found our dream job through your site....  We are extremely pleased with your site, your service, and your help.  We have highly recommended your site to all our friends!"

- Michell


"Just wanted to thank you folks for the professional, timely service you provide. My wife and I are presently employed as co-managers with Holiday Retirement via workingcouples.com, and interestingly our managers also found their employment through your website. Thanks again for all you do."

- Z.S.


"My husband and I check workingcouples.com every day."

- Deedra


"My husband & I have been working as a couple for over 1 year. We had stumbled upon your website after we realized that we never saw each other! We made the decision to quit our separate jobs and look for something different. We have been happily working together since that time.

Thank you for your website & your information."

- Melissa