Self Storage Management Couple Job Description

Being a self storage management couple means managing the day to day operations of the local self storage facility assigned to the couple. You would report to a District Manager, or for smaller properties directly to the owners of the property.


Essential Functions:


  1. Meet gross revenue targets set forth by the company ownership, through effective sales and marketing activities.
  2. Maintain designated office hours.
  3. Provide outstanding customer service in person and via telephone.
  4. Maintain professional, courteous relationships with existing and prospective customers, company vendors, community business members and company staff.
  5. Maintain financial reporting and bookkeeping systems provided by employer.
  6. Daily surveillance of property to ensure protection of customers’ stored possessions, as well as company property and buildings.
  7. Keep property clean and in good repair at all times.
  8. Supervise any additional staff, such as relief managers or any other designated personnel.
  9. Make bank deposits, purchase supplies and services as needed.
  10. Complete any collection activities that may be required of delinquent accounts.
  11. Any other duties designated by your employer or district manager.


Its not by accident that the first item on the list is sales and marketing.  The most successful self storage management couples are extremely effective in the sales and marketing area. At least one of the management couple should be very comfortable on the telephone, as phone sales play a huge role in the success of the property.  The vast majority of collections activity is also telephone-based.


The physical requirements of the job would encompass being able to bend, twist, lift, walk, etc.  Keeping the property well maintained and clean is a daily task. 


While both members of the self storage management couple needs to be familiar with the entire scope of operations, typically one of the team would focus on the sales/marketing/customer service aspects, while the other member would focus more on the property maintenance/cleaning aspects.


A five-day work week is common in this field, although sometimes self storage managers work six days.  Saturdays are almost a certainty, as this is one of the busiest days at a self storage facility.  One benefit of this job is that no overnight shifts or being on-call would typically be required.


Other benefits are onsite housing (especially for self storage manager couples), and bonus/profit sharing opportunities.  If you develop a reputation as an effective team who can keep occupancy levels high and delinquent accounts low, while maintaining prescribed profitability levels, you will never be out of work. 

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