Ranch-Farm Manager Couple Job Description

While the jobs and the venues can be different between the positions of ranch manager couple and farm manager couple, there are certain similar traits.

For instance, the ranch or farm management couple would be responsible for the following functions:


  • Property maintenance and upkeep
  • Financial reporting/banking duties
  • Staff supervision (in larger operations)
  • Interaction with ownership/upper management
  • Equipment upkeep and repair
  • Irrigation and well maintenance/operation


Although there are properties that may encompass both ranching and farming duties, the paths may diverge from the above list.

As a ranch manager couple, you would be more specifically responsible for some sort of livestock (cattle, horses, etc). If you were managing a cattle ranch, you would have to be knowledgeable about stables, pastures, calving/birthing, artificial insemination, breeding, roping, riding, feedlot management, animal transportation, fencing and much more. 

If you are working as a horse ranch manager couple, you would have to have skills in such areas as riding, stable management, training, sometimes even racing.

Besides cattle and horses, ranch manager couples are sometimes responsible for gaming operations.  Hunting and ranching naturally go together, and many ranches have developed other income streams in this area.

As a crop farm manager couple, your duties would be much more focused on raising crops.  Knowledge of planting, harvesting, fertilizing, plant chemistry and pest control would serve you well.  You would also have to be very familiar with farm equipment operation and maintenance (tractors, corn-pickers, balers irrigators, etc).

The size of the operation will dictate whether you and your partner do all of the work yourselves, or if you manage a staff of workers.  Even when you have a staff, the ranch and farm manager couple job tends to be very hands-on work.

In larger operations, a good knowledge of Spanish tends to be an advantage.  There are many Spanish-speaking farm workers present on farms all across the USA.

Besides the traditional ranch and farm management job opportunities, there are many more “exotic” situations.  You could raise sheep, goats, bison, llamas, even ostriches.  The basic requirement is love of the land and of the creatures you are shepherding.

The days are long and the work is not easy, but if ranching or farming are in your blood you will find that there are many ranch and farm manager couple opportunities awaiting you.

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