Innkeeper-Motel-Hotel Management Couple Job Description

The duties of an innkeeper couple would vary depending upon if you are running a bed and breakfast, a small mom and pop motel, a chain motel or a tropical resort.  That being said, there is some common ground between all of these innkeeping opportunities for couples. At the least you would be expected to be responsible for the following areas:


  • Reservations
  • Housekeeping and Laundry
  • Guest Relations
  • Maintenance
  • Bookkeeping/Financial Records
  • Sales and Marketing

Depending upon the type and size of property you are running, you may do all of these duties yourselves and the innkeeper couple.  You may actually do very little of it, only supervising the staff that performs the actual duties. Most likely, it will fall somewhere in between.

For instance, as bed and breakfast innkeepers you would most certainly be the face of the property.  You would take the reservations, greet the guests, host wine and cheese receptions, cook breakfast (remember, bed AND breakfast), arrange any special accommodations and requests (champagne and roses in the room upon arrival, etc), book recreational activities, and more. There is an expectation of interaction with the innkeepers while staying at a bed and breakfast.

At a mom and pop roadside motel, performing the motel manager job would entail much less guest interaction.  You would probably take their reservation, check them in (possibly check them out), and perhaps not see them again after that.  While your responsibilities would remain the same, you might have a housekeeper or two in the high season to help you keep up. 

As a franchise hotel general manager couple, you might have a staff to perform all of the duties.  Your actual responsibilities would then fall into supervising the staff, ensuring quality control, and focusing on the financials and sales/marketing strategies.  Your guest interaction might be limited to a brief hello as you walk through the lobby (or perhaps to handle a guest complaint).

Regardless of they property type, the main thing to remember about this line of work compared to other potential couples jobs is that there are always new faces.  While you may have repeat guests, the typical week would see you encountering new customers every day.  If you like a fresh influx of new people on a daily basis, this would be the perfect field for you.

In the information age, having a firm grasp of internet and online marketing will bode well during the interview process.  The hospitality industry is very well entrenched online (think TripAdvisor).  A very large chunk of b&b, resort, motel and hotel business is booked on the internet these days (and at the very least, heavily researched first online).

Typically, you would live on the property (with the exception of large franchise properties), and be expected to be responsible for the property except for when you have scheduled time off. This is not normally nine to five work.  Because of that, make sure that you and the employer each have a clear understanding concerning your schedule and days off.

The innkeeper couple job can be one of great enjoyment. This job also has the potential to take you to some faraway tropical locations. You might be able to run an off the grid eco-lodge in the Caribbean or Central America. You could possibly work in or near one of the national parks, affording you plenty of opportunity for your own sightseeing on your off days. You may even be able to work north-south as snowbirds, working the high season of southern winters and northern summers.  While the main areas of responsibility remain similar, the innkeeping –bed and breakfast – motel – hotel management couple field affords the enterprising couple much opportunity for variety.


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