Domestic Couple Job Description

The role of the domestic couple is to provide domestic services to another individual or family in that family’s home.  Like many couples jobs, the duties would typically be split between the indoor and outdoor duties.

Typical household duties:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Ironing/Laundry
  • Childcare/Nanny

Typical exterior duties:

  • Gardening/Lawn Care
  • Driving
  • Home Maintenance

In more formal or affluent settings, the couple might also be called upon to perform serving functions during meals or social events. There is also the possibility of traveling between different households that the employing couple or individual may own, in completely different parts of the country (or even internationally).

While a couple with the basic aptitude for this work has more than adequate experience to handle this type of work, obviously a formally trained butler/chef couple would command more salary.

Besides the technical skills required to perform as a domestic couple, the psychological aspects of the job need to be considered.  The domestic couple normally resides in the home of another family, in a service capacity.  This job is not for everyone.  That being said, when there is a good fit between the employer and the domestic couple, this can be an extraordinarily satisfying arrangement lasting many years.

Because of the very close working dynamic of this field, it is important that both parties make sure that there is a good understanding of expectations on both parts.  The duties, hours, compensation, etc. need to be very clearly outlined and understood by both sides prior to the commencement of employment.  This will avert any misunderstandings after the fact.

This field typically pays very well, with a nice salary, sometimes fantastic benefits, housing, meals, utilities, and occasionally even transportation being provided.  When the family travels, many times the domestic couple would be required to travel with the family, thus affording them the opportunity to squeeze in some sight-seeing of their own at the employer’s expense.

When applying or interviewing for a position as a domestic couple, be prepared for a thorough background, employment and reference check.  This is a field where longevity with one employer is especially important, as you are basically becoming a member of the household.  Job-hoppers need not apply.

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