Apartment Management Couple Job Description

Being an apartment property management couple would be defined as managing rental properties and overseeing the people (tenants) that live in the properties.  Couples working apartment manager jobs can work with rental properties that are single unit, duplexes, four-plexes, etc., all the way up to complexes that house thousands of residents.

Generally, the apartment manager couple would be required to live onsite, and would be provided with an apartment to live in.  Occasionally for a part-time opportunity (depending upon the scope of duties and the hours involved) the arrangement is a rent discount.  For full-time positions a salary would typically be included, and for larger property management companies benefits can be part of the employment package.

The areas of responsibility encompassed by being an apartment or property management couple are many and varied.  Following is a list of common duties as an apartment management couple:

  • Marketing and advertising open units
  • Showing available apartments to prospective tenants
  • Staging open units and creating/maintaining model apartments
  • Handling/processing lease and application paperwork, including credit and background checks
  • Collecting rents
  • Enforcing property rules and regulations
  • Handling evictions when necessary
  • Mediating disputes between neighbors
  • Preparing reports for the owners/management company
  • Maintaining the property grounds and landscaping
  • Providing property security and observation duties
  • Maintenance of common areas, laundry facilities and apartment utilities and appliances
  • Supervising leasing agents, maintenance and groundskeeping personnel

In addition to this list of duties,  couples working in apartment manager jobs require a good working knowledge of fair housing laws.  Other requirements would include strong interpersonal and business communication skills, attention to detail and organization, being competent with office management software, as well as a working knowledge of financial reporting. 

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