Small Lake-side Fishing Resort Assistant Couple Required - Nimpo Lake, BC

Small Lake-side Fishing Resort Assistant Couple Required - Nimpo Lake, BC

Posted: 12/1/2019 - 8:57 pm

We own a small, seasonal fishing resort with 4 cabins and 4 camp sites. We are looking for a couple with a live-in RV to work with us this summer. We operate from May unti lthe end of September.  Work hours would vary, but would not be full time and would permit lots of free time, plus days off to explore the area. It is imperative that we find the "right fit" in order to have a good working relationship.  The area is the West Chilcotin part of British Columbia. We are situated 300 km west of Williams Lake and about 250 km east of Bella Coola. The region is vast and varied in topography with everything from cattle grazing plains, to beautiful mountains and lakes, to the west coast rain forest. Recreation in the area includes hiking in the mountains, flight-seeing, boating, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, mountain biking, horse riding and wildlife viewing, including bears. There are rodeos on in the region through the summer. 

The area is semi-wildernerness and there are not that many stores. The towns of Nimpo Lake and Anahim Lake are an equal distance from us, and each have general stores, gas pumps, cafes and post offices. Anahim Lake also has a small airport with service to Vancouver, an RCMP post, a school, a small library, and a medical clinic. The stores do not have a lot of variety, so trips to Williams Lake are necessary to stock up, however most things can be sent on the fr

This has been a post-retirement career for us. We have owned and operated the resort for 10 years but it has been in operation as a resort for about 60 years. We have done a lot of renovations and infrastructure work as well as landscaping. We have built up the business a lot since taking it over and it is thriving, however our stamina is not, which is why we are looking for helpers. We would prefer a couple who could, at some point, take care of things without us, so that we could take a summer vacation. Although we, as a couple, work together on many of the projects and much of the work, there has been typicla his & her areas that we each tend to and need help with. 

For season opening the following jobs need to be done: thorough cleaning of all cabins (walls, dishes, furniture, floors, exteriors, windows); restocking cabin supplies including fire wood; preparing all non motorized craft and motor boats for the rental season; cleaning up all outdoor areas, camp sites, gardens, lawns. Getting water turned back on to the cabins and camp sites. 

Regular weekly work includes: mowing lawns, weed whacking, weeding flower beds and pots, cleaning cabins, doing cabin laundry, painting as needed (usually the decks need redoing), cleaning the fish house, keeping up with firewood needs, taking garbage and recylcing away and other small tasks. 

Experience with a chain saw is very useful but not essential. As well, any experience with small boat engines would be a plus. 

Applicants must be outgoing, friendly, polite with the guests and used to working outdoors in a rural environment. Summer temperatures are usually good, but we can also experience heat waves, forest fires or rain.... anything is possible when it comes to the weather.

We are looking for someone with a large RV to live in, since we do not have any other accommodations available except a very run-down old cabin with no indoor plumbing.  There are full hookups for the RV.  We have a camp shower that can be used if you do not have your own. Our helpers will be reimbursed but the amount will depend on experience and hours. The RV space, power and water will be provided plus fire wood. We have a large screened-in gazebo building that is like a communal living room. It has books, music, coffee, a fireplace, games and sofas. 

There is no cell service between Williams Lake and Bella Coola. We do have WIFI Internet, Satellite TV, and a land-line phone. 

All applicants will receive a reply. REFERENCES ARE ESSENTIAL.


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