RV Park Manager/Couple - Pyote, TX

RV Park Manager/Couple - Pyote, TX

Posted: 3/18/2020 - 8:23 pm

We recently acquired a 62 lot mobile home park in Ward County, Texas.

We are looking to hire either:
(1) an ON-SITE manager who would live RENT-FREE if they have their own RV
(2) an OFF-SITE manager who is local to the area and can visit frequently and on short-notice if necessary. Management fees would be $1250-1500 per month, plus performance-based bonuses.  

In your reply, please indicate whether you are interested in on-site or off-site management. This is a part-time position in both cases.

Park Overview
The park has 62 lots that are 80% occupied. It is lot rent only, and we don’t own any of the RV’s. 

While the property manager is always "on-call", total expected work need is approximately 10-15 hours in an average week. Unlike apartments, tenants own their own homes, so you would not be responsible for 2am phone calls to unplug toilets. Answering phone calls, making bookings for new tenants, and managing general park related issue.

The overarching responsibility of the Community Manager is to keep this RV Park a safe, clean, organized place to live. This is achieved through:
Communicating regularly with the ownership group through text, email, and phone calls
Maintaining the quality of the community -- enforcing community rules and regulations (clean yards, etc.); ensuring community is clean; attending to basic repair & maintenance needs
Coordinating outside contractors for more complex repair and maintenance needs
Processing payment and following up in person or by phone with tenants late to pay rent
Handing out individual flyers to residents
Marketing and leasing the RV lots as they become vacant
Processing lease applications for new tenants
Paying monthly expenses, and ensuring everything is running smoothly

Basic computer skills (excel, email, word, etc)
Quickbooks a plus
Experience with handyman / repair work
Previous management experience a big plus

Next Steps
1. Send a resume to [email protected]. Please write in subject: (WARD COUNTY – YOUR NAME)
2. Note whether you are interested in (1) on-site or (2) off-site management
3. Let us know a little about yourself (who you are, where you live, how long you've been in the area, what you do full-time) and why you think you would be a good fit for this position.  A Resume or CV is a big plus.
4. Let us know your phone number and email so we can schedule a phone interview

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