Part-Time Property Management Team Wanted - Medford, OR

Part-Time Property Management Team Wanted - Medford, OR

Posted: 12/2/2019 - 5:29 pm

We are currently seeking motivated professionals with property management experience to live on-site and perform the maintenance and administrative responsibilities. We are looking for a part-time team.

Manager / Maintenance
Basic computer skills
Leadership and/or potential ability
Troubleshoots and performs routine maintenance
Performs general maintenance and cleaning of common areas, maintenance shop, etc.
Ability to operate a motor vehicle
Possesses a broad set of carpentry/maintenance/repair/handyman skills.
Enjoys structure on the job
Sincere and pleasant to work with
Works well with minimal supervision
Likes a variety of work
Even-tempered, flexible to deal with customer needs as they arise

Please send in your resume if you would like to apply.

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