Operations Managers/ Marketing - Beech Mountain, NC

Operations Managers/ Marketing - Beech Mountain, NC

Posted: 8/13/2019 - 8:58 am


Job Overview - Seeking Christian married couple or individual as on site Operation's Manager for overseeing all segments of the Lodge Business. The person or persons chosen for this position needs the passion and desire to support the our Christian based mission, to give underprivileged youth an opportunity to experience this special place at no costs to them.



The Manager will be running and managing daily operations of the Lodge year round. Owner preference to have a manager with marketing experience to further enhance lodge growth and fully support it's faith mission. Manager duties will include all areas of the Lodge operations including and not limited to the following:


Lodging - Assist with bookings upon request, weekends, and vacations as pre arranged with owners. Duties include cleaning and making rooms ready for guest check in and ensuring all laundry related items for rooms are kept up.

Ski/Snowboard rentals - seasonal... Oversee rentals daily and support ski techs on as needed basis. Action: to help fit skis in peak times as guest demand requires.

Restaurant - Oversee operations working with food manager and assist as needed basis during peak times.

Gift store and Fudge Shoppe - Duties included overseeing and running POS for both merchandise and fudge sales area, order new merchandise, make fudge in coordination with restaurant manger depending on daily work loads.

Bike/Paddleboard Rentals, Hayrides - seasonal.. Manager to oversee this operation. Owner is currently developing these business opportunities which includes looking into ebikes, as well as hay rides and other fun activities for lodge guests.

Note: Managers to live on Lodge premises with financial rental agreement to be provided by Owner.


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