Ministry Position as a House Parent Couple with Fabulous Flex Time Benefit - Fort Myers, FL

Ministry Position as a House Parent Couple with Fabulous Flex Time Benefit - Fort Myers, FL

Posted: 4/15/2019 - 8:32 am

We are looking for a dynamic couple seeking to serve in a growing faith based ministry with Developmentally Challenged Adults!  We are residential group homes that provide training and support to adults with minimal - moderate level developmental disabilities.  Each newly built home has a maximum of six adults. Protected Harbor's mission is to provide our residents with opportunities to learn, grow, experience and achieve a fulfilling life as they learn to serve others!  

Position Available

House Parent staff oversees the day-to-day activities of the home, trains and transports residents, has health care responsibilities and assists with home operations. This is a “live-in” position, with a package that includes a competitive salary, a separate efficiency apartment adjoining the facility with utilities, internet, cable included. The schedule is seven day, 24 hours shifts on duty followed by being off for seven days. Please note you are working an actual six months out of the year. Couples are allowed to live in the apartment while off duty if they choose to. An added bonus is scheduling flexibility and even longer periods off at a time possible with each staff couple actually working half the year.  

Position Summary

House Parent couples are employees hired to oversee the day-to-day activities of the group home to promote the maximum growth of it's residents intellectually, spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, and vocationally.

Staff guide and train residents in personal hygiene and grooming, caring for their home, individual and group behavior, meal preparation, and other similar life skills.  Health/Mental/Dental care responsibilities, the management of medications, transportation and supporting the residents in their volunteer jobs and various activities are also key components required of the House Parent couple.

Spiritual Qualifications

  • Mature Christians with personal integrity, character and reputation and willing to model Christian values and lifestyle to the residents.
  • A desire to seek and serve God and His kingdom.
  • A willingness to encourage residents to grow spiritually through devotions, prayer at meals, Harbor Life Group participation and regular church attendance.

Education, Experience and Skills Required

  • High school diploma or higher degree.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Must hold a current valid driver’s license and have a good driving record.
  • One year experience providing direct services with persons who have a developmental disability, child care setting, medical, psychiatric, or nursing; or at least 120 hours of direct services to recipients with complex behavior problems. 
  • Must possess good communication skills and professional manner when relating to staff, residents, vendors and families.
  • Ability to manage time, set priorities and to organize and follow structured routines.
  • Must demonstrate exceptional problem solving and customer service skills.
  • Ability to work in partnership with others in a team approach.

Physical Requirements

  • Must be in good physical, mental and emotional health and able to assist residents as needed. 
  • Able to bend, reach, lift, drive, use cleaning supplies, and assist with yard maintenance. 

General Qualifications

  • Have no children at home or pets.
  • Meet all of the employment qualifications and pass all background screenings. This includes criminal and drug screenings.
  • Conditional of successful completion of all initial training requirements and annual training.

Care of Residents & Home

  • Management of Medications
  • Health/Mental/Dental Care Responsibilities
  • Training in Life Skills 
  • Food Service Responsibilities
  • Support of Resident’s Volunteer Jobs and Activities
  • Transportation of Residents (must have current vehicle insurance on personal vehicle)
  • Home Maintenance Responsibilities

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Follow guidelines and procedures concerning supervised medication management to residents.
  • Train and supervise residents in proper bedroom and bathroom maintenance, room/closet organization, laundry procedures and cleaning home.
  • Assure proper training for residents, this may include: getting along with others, selected life skill goals, fire drills, and health and safety training.
  • Conduct and document training of residents.  Write reports and submit as required.
  • Maintain confidentiality of resident information and records.
  • Assist and encourage resident’s in reading, participating in and adhering to their weekly schedule.  This includes classes, scheduled activities and home tasks.
  • Assure that residents follow a daily hygiene and grooming routine and provide assistance and training as needed. Redirect and assist residents if not properly clean or dressed.
  • As needed supervise residents during special activities, group gatherings, and off campus outings.
  • Listen to residents who may need to express an opinion or concern and make referral to Manager when appropriate.
  • Communicate with staff regarding resident’s needs.


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