Live-In Caretaker Couple - Arvada, CO

Live-In Caretaker Couple - Arvada, CO

Posted: 6/26/2020 - 12:59 pm

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Mission Statement: Hope House Colorado empowers parenting teenage moms to achieve personal and economic self-sufficiency and to understand their significance in God’s sight, resulting in a healthy future for them and for their children.

TITLE: Live-In Caretaker Couple

REPORTS TO:  Director of Operations & Expansion (facility duties) and Residential Manager (program duties)

SALARY: The Couple will be provided, rent-free, a newly remodeled mini apartment (660 sq. ft.), attached to the residential home, with a separate entrance and use of a Hope House vehicle for personal transportation. Joint salary range of $30,000-$40,000. Caretaker Couple commits to role for one full year from date of hire, but longer term may be considered at end of one year.

Basic Summary: The responsibilities of the Live-In Caretaker Couple are two-fold: maintain the grounds and buildings on the Hope House campus and care for the basic needs of the teen mothers we serve by being available if needed during the night for the girls who live in the residence (sleep is generally uninterrupted), as well as providing cleaning services and interacting with our girls and their children during some waking hours.


FACILITIES: Couple is responsible for ensuring an Excellent Environment for teen moms, staff and champions. Couple will provide basic maintenance of a 2 ½ acre campus including a 5500 sq. ft. residence that houses 6 teenage moms and their children, a 15,000 sq. ft. Resource Center building providing educational programming to teen mothers in the Denver metro area, and a future Early Learning Center building scheduled to begin construction in 2022. Duties include basic custodial duties for both buildings, landscape and grounds maintenance, basic facility repairs, coordination of professional repairs as needed, scheduling preventative maintenance and coordinating volunteers who assist with facility maintenance. Duties also include the maintenance of several Hope House vehicles, including basic repairs and scheduling maintenance.


PROGRAM DUTIES: Be available for needs that may arise for the young mothers in the residential home during the night between the hours of 9:00pm and 8:00am Sunday-Friday (sleep is generally uninterrupted, but Couple must be available). Cover a residential shift Tuesday & Thursday evening from 4:30-9:00pm, including eating dinner with the residents. Assist with various program duties for teen moms that may include helping with transportation, tutoring, childcare, light case management, and providing supportive relationship during daytime hours Monday-Friday, not to exceed 10 hours a week.



The Couple must be available (inside their apartment) from 9:00pm-8:00am Sun-Fri. Sleep interruptions are not common. Saturday 8:00am-Sunday 9:00pm off duty.

Facility Maintenance expected to take 15-20 hours a week and may take place during any daytime hours (presumably by husband)

Residential shifts T/Th 4:30pm-9:00pm (presumably by wife)

10 hours a week of custodial/cleaning (presumably either husband or wife)

10 hours a week of program assistance as requested, may be scheduled around Live-In (presumably wife’s) schedule.


Specific Job Duties:


  • Provide house coverage on Tuesday/Thursday evenings from 4:30-9:00pm. Eat dinner with the Hope House residents, assist with household chores and spend time building relationships with the residents and their children.
  • Assist Family Advocates Mon-Fri with tasks as assigned
  • Participate in staff meetings  


  • Manage custodial vendors, perform basic cleaning tasks as needed in both buildings and coordinate volunteers who assist in this area.
  • Empty trash and recycle bins as necessary in both buildings.
  • Responsible for assisting teen moms in the residence with move-in and move-out processes, including ensuring a clean and welcoming room for new residents.
  • Oversight of lunch (M-F) and dinner meals (M/W) at the Resource Center, including coordinating volunteers who provide meals, cooking as needed, cleaning the dining room and commercial kitchen, and washing dishes. Assistance provided by Office Assistant and volunteers. Free to leave by 6:30pm after assisting with dinner on M/W.


  • Manage relationship with fire/security vendor and be available to respond to off-hour calls from alarm monitoring company (in addition to other staff)
  • Manage all facility maintenance and equipment vendors.
  • Manage maintenance schedules and ensure maintenance is completed in a timely manner and recordkeeping is accurate.
  • Provide minor repairs for both buildings and manage volunteers who assist with this.
  • Responsible for minor repairs and regular maintenance of Hope House vehicles, and for coordinating larger repairs through vendor relationships.
  • Be a resource for our teen moms as they are working towards self-sufficiency by providing occasional car care clinics, home maintenance clinics, etc.
  • Assist with moving furniture and equipment as needed.


  • Responsible for landscape/snow removal vendors.
  • Ensure walkways are clear of snow by 7:00am when vendor is unavailable.
  • Ensure irrigation system is maintained,
  • Manage volunteers who assist with the grounds.
  • Perform daily walk of grounds and ensure grounds are trash-free, sidewalks and parking lots are clean, etc.
  • Ensure that trash enclosure is clean and free of debris.
  • Maintain three sheds on the campus.


  • Adult couple with no children living with them
  • Align with core values, philosophies and guiding principles of Hope House Colorado
  • Expertise in facility maintenance and repairs
  • Valid driver’s license and proof of insurance
  • Be in good physical condition, able to lift up to 30 pounds, shovel snow, move furniture, etc.
  • Self-directed and comfortable/competent working autonomously
  • Mission, ministry, or work history with an at-risk population is a plus
  • Must speak fluent English
  • Both parties must pass rigorous background and motor-vehicle record checks


  • Teamwork
    Promotes cooperation and commitment within a team to achieve goals and deliverables
  • Relationship building
    Builds constructive working relationships characterized by a high level of acceptance, cooperation, and mutual respect
  • Approachability
    Easy to approach and talk to
  • Compassion
    Genuinely cares about people
  • Ethics and values
    Adheres to an appropriate and effective set of core values and beliefs during both good and bad times
  • Humor
    Has a positive and constructive sense of humor
  • Personal Learning
    Picks up on the need to change personal, interpersonal and managerial behaviors quickly
  • Priority Setting
    Spends time and the time of others on what’s important
  • Problem solving
    Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions
  • Time Management
    Uses time effectively and efficiently



Christ Centered– Called to the mission! Passionate about transformation for teen moms and champions; committed to growth of our own personal faith.

Integrity – Do the right thing (even when it hurts)! Trustworthy; ethical and authentic; excellent stewards of donations; we expect 100% compliance with all applicable regulations.

Infectious Enthusiasm – Passionate about the cause, mission, and ministry! Engage others and strive for positivity through high energy.

Relationship Focused - True change happens for teen moms through healthy, long-term relationships with staff and volunteers. Engage champions so they experience the impact they make!

Future Thinking – Experts in our field who are constantly striving for the next level! Cause-focused and committed to sharing our knowledge and tools for the benefit of teen moms everywhere.

Team Player – Committed to working as a unified team, valuing each member’s contributions! Have one another’s backs and find compromises and solutions in a respectful manner. Go above and beyond for each other.

Have Fun! – Find joy in the work! There is room for fun, celebrations and a little bit of silliness every day!

Extreme Ownership – Take ownership! Empower decision-making at every level; anticipate success; and take responsibility!

Teachable Spirit – Eager to learn and grow! Open to new ideas and constructive criticism; demonstrate humility and learn from our mistakes and failures.

Excellent Environment – Create a warm, welcoming, safe and secure environment that shows every teen mom she has a place to belong!


This job opening has expired. Click here to see the latest job openings. (If you are a subscriber and you are seeing this expired listing, you need to log in with your username and password.)