Live in Apartment Managers - Saskatoon, SK

Live in Apartment Managers - Saskatoon, SK

Posted: 12/5/2018 - 7:17 pm

We are looking for a LIVE IN caretakers.  To be the eyes and ears of the building. To ensure all residents and guests are provided for accordingly. Some of your responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

Showing units to potential tenants, Maintaining a tidy common area, Evening hall walk - listen and observe, Let contractors in and supervise any work being done to said unit. (plumber, electrician, etc...)

The candidates we choose MUST be available for communication when called. Incoming calls from us MUST be made a priority. You need to have superior English speaking/ understanding skills. Looking for an all around happy couple - we don’t want our tenants to be nervous to speak to you.

The candidates must be willing to re locate to the building.

The following rent approximations are subject to change. We are providing a general estimation so our potential candidates can gage if it is a positive move for themselves.

1 bedrooms : ~ $800-$850 per month 2 bedrooms: ~$895-$1000 per month

Compensation options will be discussed privatly with top candidates.

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