Full-Time Domestic Couple: $150K+, Benefits, Living Provided - Charleston, WV

Full-Time Domestic Couple: $150K+, Benefits, Living Provided - Charleston, WV

Posted: 5/13/2018 - 9:14 pm

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Principals with other residence in Charleston, West Virginia are seeking a professional, experienced, creative and detail oriented formally trained domestic couple to prepare healthy meals, complete housekeeping and houseman responsibilities, drive and assist with house management.

The schedule is typically on Monday - Friday at 9:00am - 6:00/7:00pm. Daily schedule will depend on the principals' schedules. Flexibility is required to work later evenings and weekends. When Principals are in residence the schedule is highly flexible. Principals live at main residence that is international in Europe. Domestic Couple should be comfortable traveling internationally (together or separately). Safe vehicle for transportation is required. Domestic Couple responsibilities (but are not limited to the following list): Valet, Chauffeur, table service, auto maintenance, minimal indoor and outdoor gardening, tending to vegetable garden, minor household repairs, securing outside assistance for other repairs when it is a large task, floral arrangements, tending to Orchids, cooking, laundry, ironing, vacuuming and general housekeeping, maintaining household supplies, care for silver and antiques, care for Principals' delicate clothing and personal belongings. Candidates must be comfortable working collaboratively with fully staffed residences (e.g., family office, 20+ domestic employees, assistants, drivers, etc.). Ideal candidates are highly organized self-starters with exceptional communication and problem solving skills. Reporting to the Estate Manager, the domestic couple will take full responsibility for the management of this formal residence, and will be required to deliver world class service to the Principals and their visitors. Start date is flexible for the right candidates.

Job Requirements


• Supervise and assist domestic staff on property. Other employees on the estate have their specific responsibilities and must be doing their jobs. They must be responsible for completing their duties. The couple must see to this and ensure their job expectations are met and quality of work is exemplary. 

• Always take notes of things to do and keep a personal notepad and agenda (do not rely solely on memory as some days there is more work than others). Therefore, taking notes and completing tasks asked of you, you take responsibility and get things done efficiently. Time management, proactive and prioritizing are keys to success.

• Serve as caretakers and assume responsibility for the property. The property should never be left vacant at any time. There must always be someone staying at the residence, so coordination with daily domestic staff is important. This has to be taken into consideration when planning holidays. 

• Willing to learn and attend all courses, education and training as provided by Principals (jointly or separately) 

• When Principals and/or Estate Manager ask that something be done, the task should be completed the same day

• Assistance with pets 

• Servicing vehicles (routine service/maintenance, interior and exterior cleaning, filling gas tank, etc.) 

• Creativity in preparing healthy meals (organic food required)

• Keeping up-to-date on the latest culinary trends and fads

• Experienced with planning menus for Principals and events (formal experience with plating food and plate for platter service is required)

• Capable of creating lists and ordering or shopping for fresh foods

• Professional presence and experience in food presentation and table setting is mandatory

• Responsible for white glove serving of meals to Principals, guests, events, etc. 

• Responsible for all food preparation and kitchen related duties along with grocery shopping

• High standards of health and hygiene with food 

• Properly storing ingredients and leftovers

• Responsible for coordinating cooking and serving times with Principals

• Responsible for cleaning and tidying kitchen after each use

• Maintaining all kitchen equipment 

• Interactions with extended family and business associates for holiday meals, business lunches and events at the residence

• Providing formal hospitality and service to visitors, guests and when hosting events 

• Maintaining fireplaces, chimney sweep and stocking wood in winter 

• Ensure bicycle tires are full and ready for use at all times 

• Managing all aspects of care, keeping and maintenance of the home 

• Responding to special requests from Principals and/or Estate Manager for household related errands 

• Daily walk through of main residence to ensure that all systems are functioning properly

• Scheduling service personnel and contractors while keeping family office, Estate Manager and other staff informed of appointments 

• Responsible for negotiating contracts and managing relationships with outside vendors (always receive a few estimates/proposals before approving project or work to be completed) 

• Responsible for complying with household budgets and conscious of spending (work with family office on accounting procedures) 

• Overseeing household projects from start to finish 

• Responsible for maintaining comprehensive household manuals setting priorities for tasks on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis

• Responsible for maintaining file systems including those for household operations, warranty manuals, household equipment, invitations, entertainment logs, etc. 

• Responsible for maintaining contacts lists that include family members, vendors, contracts, businesses, etc.

• Manage inventory for all household item supplies (e.g., China, crystal, clothing, etc.) 

• Ensure pantry, refrigerator and wine cellar are properly stocked in accordance with the Principals travel and entertaining schedules

• General housekeeping including care for fine art and antique furniture (Specific knowledge of how to care for fine fabrics, different woods, antiques and natural stone) 

• Responsible for all housekeeping responsibilities (Laundry, ironing, cleaning, etc.)

• Maintain security systems at residences and check/test on a regular basis

• Provide hospitality and attend to guests and family members needs when visiting 

• Managing household schedules and calendars

• Event planning, organization, coordination and flawless execution day of event

• Handling household bills and administrative duties 

• Manage household petty cash and proper documentation and submission of house credit card purchases/receipts

• Coordinate trips to other residences with respective house managers and domestic staff at those locations 

• Prepare Principals for travel (e.g., purchasing requested items, packing, unpacking, etc.) 

• Schedule meetings with Principals and/or Estate Manager as needed to discuss their schedules, travel plans, upcoming events, special projects, etc.

• Responsible for running errands and performing necessary tasks (e.g., shopping for home supplies, food and other requested items)

• Responsible for household projects and handling things around the residence (e.g., receiving deliveries, service providers, contractors, answering phone calls, sending emails, etc.) 


• Highly flexible with work hours and willing to be accommodating to the Principals needs 

• Willing to travel internationally and domestically whenever necessary 

• Highly organized, detail oriented, proactive, excellent time management, efficient and service focused 

• Attentive to principals' preferences and style (intuitive to their needs)

• Ability to maintain discretion (confidentiality agreement is required)

• Ability to be discreet with respect for employer’s privacy (ability to be friendly without being too familiar and available without being intrusive)

• Professional presentation of self and great personality

• Ability to develop and maintain solid working relationships with service providers, contractors and vendors

• Ability to easily take direction 

• Strong ability to communicate and collaborate efficiently with Principals, family office and household staff (effective verbal communication skills required)

• Strong technology skills and experience working with Macintosh, PC, Microsoft Word and Excel 

• Sufficient knowledge of business communications (including telephone, voicemail and e-mail)

• Seeking longevity/long term commitment (e.g., at least 5+ years)

• High level of energy, positive attitude and ability to handle residences and staff with ease and calm demeanor

• Active and fit

• Non-Smoker 


• Fluent in English, but is not required as primary language 

• Spanish speaking is desirable 

• Bachelor’s degree is preferred 

• Culinary degree or certificate is preferred 

• Butler training is preferred 

• Formal domestic experience 

• 5-10+ years of consistent and recent domestic experience as a domestic couple with an ultra high net worth family 

• 3-4 references from domestic position(s)

• Driver’s license and clean driving record 

• Extensive background checks, motor vehicle checks, drug tests and psychological evaluation

This job opening has expired. Click here to see the latest job openings. (If you are a subscriber and you are seeing this expired listing, you need to log in with your username and password.)