FEATURED JOB OPENING: Lead Innkeeper & Maintenance Couple - Estes Park, CO

FEATURED JOB OPENING: Lead Innkeeper & Maintenance Couple - Estes Park, CO

Posted: 9/26/2018 - 9:58 pm

Romantic Bed & Breakfast Inn is looking for an experienced couple to serve in two roles: a year-round full-time innkeeper and a part-time or full-time maintenance person. The innkeeper must be able to quickly grow into the role of Lead Innkeeper over the first 6 months of employment. Our team is excellent and the operation of the Inn has been refined over 32 years to be a smooth process that creates delighted guests. We have the best staff and are incredibly proud of them.


We expect that you come with strong experience in B&B operations (or boutique hotel operations), especially hands-on experience in housekeeping, laundry, cooking, and guest operations. For maintenance, we are looking for experience with construction, handiwork, mechanical and electrical systems and all kinds of around-the-house tasks.


The Innkeeper's job is to keep the Inn safe and warm, guests fed and happy, flowers watered, critters shooed away, phones answered, reservations made, guests married, beds made, laundry folded, tea & cookies served, dishes washed, rugs vacuumed, meetings attended, mail picked up, directions given and guests hugged before sending them back to the real world. Then make time for yourself beside the river, get 8 hours of sleep, and start all over the next day.


As the Innkeeper grows into the role of Lead Innkeeper, this person will take over responsibility for coordinating outside services, reporting payroll hours, maintaining documentation, rewriting recipes, submitting posts to social media, answering staff member’s questions, running business reports and taking action, following up on special projects through completion, contacting the owners as issues arise, and other duties as assigned.


The maintenance person will be responsible for: repairs to commercial kitchen appliances, commercial and residential laundry equipment, furnaces and boilers; repairs to staff housing units; repairs to windows, doors, locks, lamps, bathroom fixtures, wall holes, and other room issues; lawn mowing, aeration, grounds maintenance, plant health; repair of concrete pathways, stone steps, stairways; assistance with wedding event needs including tents, tables and chairs; and other duties as assigned.


Benefits include:

  • Housing
  • Tips
  • Groceries
  • Gym membership.
  • National Parks Pass
  • Rotating 3-day weekends, perfect for camping and exploring the forests.
  • Extra pay on holidays.
  • 3 days off for Christmas.
  • And more!
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