FEATURED JOB OPENING: Home Parents - Itasca, TX

FEATURED JOB OPENING: Home Parents - Itasca, TX

Posted: 1/22/2020 - 7:43 am

Home Parents (HP) provide nurturing and caring professional parenting interactions for 6-7 youth in care. Interactions and responses to youth are informed by knowledge of the complex issues faced by youth in care and by an understanding that youth need to be equipped to resolve their family issues and to prepare themselves for future success. 

Essential Job Functions:
•HPs will learn and use Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Principles of Connecting, Empowering, and Correcting.
•HPs will learn strength-based approaches with youth and families and will utilize the language and procedures with youth and family members, particularly when addressing goal attainment.
•HPs will administer medications as directed by physician, will maintain up to date and accurate records of all medications administered.
•HPs will ensure scheduling for all of youth’s required appointments and will be available to transport youth for therapy, medical, dental, or other appointments. If an appointment must be missed the HP will notify the appropriate person with as much advance notice as possible.
•HPs will attend and participate in Monday all-staff meetings, shift change meetings, trainings and all other relevant meetings as assigned.
•HPs will lead family meetings once a week to bring unity, organization of schedule, and healing in the home for areas of conflict, teaching nurture and life-value skills.
•HPs will maintain the home so that it is suitable for state inspections at any given time.
•HPs will work cooperatively with team members to ensure responsibilities are being carried out.
•HPs will involve youth in responsibilities of chores and in the creation of weekly menus and food purchasing.
•HPs will follow the Educational Program recommendations for youth. HPs will maintain school documentation, attend school meetings, update others on the team, provide quiet space for study-time, ensure youth attends tutoring on a timely basis, engage with teachers, complete with the youth SWEP forms when needed and will check the on-line grade report to encourage the youth that is struggling with school or grades.
•HP will inform the GHS (or receptionist – when agreed upon) when away from the home.
•HP will share supervision responsibilities of youth across all activities and campuses, such as at the playground, tutoring, physician visit, and outings.
•HP will perform other duties as assigned.

Working Conditions:
•Must be able to work a pre-determined rotation schedule of 2 weeks on duty and 1 week off
•Must attend all staff meetings on Monday
•Must be able to work extended days or hours when necessary
•May be required to provide awake-night staffing in emergency situations
•Must regularly be on call for the group home children when on duty
•Work environment is high energy, high stress including the possibility of verbal and or physical aggression from youth in care
•Moderate risk of exposure to infectious diseases
•Must be able to see, hear and respond to youth in multiple settings

Job Requirements:
Education and Experience:
A Bachelor’s degree in a Human Services field from an accredited college or university is preferred. A minimum of a high school diploma is required, plus one or more years of experience in working with children or youth. Individual must be at least 21 years of age. 

Knowledge and Skills:
1.Must be well organized and self-motivated
2.Must be able to prioritize, meet timelines, complete assignments & projects in a timely manner
3.Must have excellent oral and written communication skills
4.Must have knowledge of computer programs such as Word, Outlook, Quicken, Excel
5.Must demonstrate the ability to work harmoniously with others as a member of a team
6.Must improve skills over time through training and professional development processes.

Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services is a religious organization affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and prefers to employ individuals who are Christians and who possess a Christian commitment, as well as concern, for children and families in need.

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