Caretakers needed for a Victorian Home - Scranton, PA

Caretakers needed for a Victorian Home - Scranton, PA

Posted: 9/7/2019 - 3:04 pm


Free room and board- 9 bedrooms and 7 baths unique Victorian home in desirable and convenient downtown Scranton, PA. Close to universities, hospitals, mall, movie theatre and more. Work in lieu of rent, except cleaning fees for Airbnb. Seeking long term and year long. Own vehicle needed.

Some responsibilities may be outsourced as needed. Perfect opportunity for a couple with a flexible schedule, or a retired couple seeking a long-term arrangement. Converting basement (2 bedroom 2 bath) into finished apartment for Caretakers.

Need a jack of all trades type for light electrical, plumbing, carpentry and supervising others for professional work which needs to be done.

Work is divided up in basically 2 parts per each person

Help run the Airbnb (up to 6 hours per day) up to 2 to 4 guest per week  (8 am to 3 pm)

·         Clean guest room 1.5 hours per day

·         Remove trash and recycle (1 hour)

·         Show to room (30 min)

·         Paid percent 50% of cleaning fee(s)

·         Miscellaneous (1 hour)

·         Gardening

·         Housekeeping

·         Laundry

·         Cut grass

·         Trim bushes

·         Clean all common areas (2-3 hours)

General handy person (up to 3-5 hours per day) Flexible

·         Perform daily checks for household repairs (1 hour)

·         Seasonal tasks as needed (shoveling,

·         Help with other contractors as needed

·         Required for painting, minor plumbing, landscaping, pest control,

·         Change locks, hang a door if needed

·         Clean gutters

·         Contact repair man for heating

·         Pick up supplies from Home Depot, furniture etc.

·         Check boiler

·         Drywall repairs

·         Floors and tiling

·         Specialized work is compensated on a case per case basis.


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