Caretaker - Soda Springs, CA

Caretaker - Soda Springs, CA

Posted: 11/6/2019 - 4:49 pm


Our season runs approximately from Memorial Weekend (depending on road conditions) through mid-October (depending on the weather)

Work Week

  • The job is 5 1/2 days per week
  • The 1 1/2 days off shall be a weekday, as agreed upon with the Board of Managers.
  • Caretakers are to remain in camp Friday through Monday except in case of emergency. If a trip to Truckee is necessary, one person should remain in camp. If both go, please notify someone in camp.
  • Plan ahead the need for food and supplies so thst trips away can be kept at a minimum.

Meal Preparation

  • Take reservations and prepare home style meals accordingly. All menus are at caretakers' choice.


  • Discuss any issue with Lodge chairperson.
  • The caretaker has the authority to remind Members and guests of the rules. If a problem continues, report the infraction to the Lodge Committee Chairman. If he or she is unavailable, and the problem warrants quick action, contact the next person down the line of authority.

Inform trespassers they are on private property and politely ask them to leave. If there are any further problems, call the Placer County Sheriff's Department Dispatch at 889-7800 (non-emergency number) or 911 in an emergency.


  • Check mail at Soda Springs PO Box 730, when off grounds.

Petty Cash

  • Use the petty cash account to purchase supplies for the Lodge.
  • Keep receipts and accurate records of items purchased, dates, etc.
  • Arrange with Treasurer to reimburse petty cash as needed.

Lodge Opening

  • Turn electricity on (main switch is at far end of hall)
  • Pick up rodent poison.
  • Remove shutters and place in storage.
  • Remove barricade materials from fireplaces.
  • Replace fire bell on stand and stair rail at main steps.
  • Clean sleeping rooms; take bedding out of storage, and prepare rooms for guests.
  • Do thorough cleaning of wood floors, windows, dust furniture, check for cobwebs, etc.

Clean kitchen, storage area, and office area including refrigerators and freezer.

Know who is in Camp

The caretakers' presence in camp is an important part of the job. Even during "down time" their presence is necessary for safety and security reasons.

  • All Members, guests and workers are responsible for checking i nand out with the caretaker.

Patrol grounds and around cabins daily , watch for trespassers, and check signs to be sure they are visible and in good repair.

Manage Lodge Room Reservations and Guest Registration.

  • Take reservations for sleeping rooms (see Room Reservation Policy)

Keep accurate records noting the date(s), room number(s), and name(s) of Member and/or guest(s) using the room. For guests, also note the name of the sponsoring Member.

Water System

  • At the time of opening for the season, assist Grounds person in charge of water and become familiar with water system.
  • Check wells, pumps, tanks and pressure gauges daily.
  • Keep water usage logs as instructed.


  • Keep the lodge picked up and in good order.
  • Keep floors in dining area/great room clean.
  • Keep main kitchen clean and orderly.

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