Campground Manager for Wilderness on Wheels - Grant, CO

Campground Manager for Wilderness on Wheels - Grant, CO

Posted: 1/12/2020 - 7:41 am

Wilderness on Wheels - Couple to Manage Facility

We are a Colorado nonprofit dedicated to providing access to nature for people of all abilities and their caregivers. We have mountain property located at 45924 Highway 285, Grant (elevation 8,606), Colorado 80448 with accessible hiking, camping (sites and cabins), and fishing.  Our facility features a mile-long boardwalk designed to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.  We are looking for a new couple to be facility managers to live onsite during the 2020 season to welcome guests, lead volunteers, maintain the facility, and manage property events.  New couple will be training with current manager couple that will be retiring during 2020 season.

Job Description

?       Manage, operate, and maintain the facility in-season for 2020 (generally runs from Memorial Day until October 15th, as weather permits and as long as the water system is operable)

?       Check in and register all guests to the facility, provide receipts as requested and copies of all WOW rules and regulations. If any guests or donors provide updated contact information for mailing lists, VMT shall relay such information to us.

?       Cleaning all campsites, cabins, huts, gazebos, and bathrooms, as well as the shed, laundry room and all other grounds

?       Emptying fire pits and charcoal cookers, restocking wood piles and cutting wood as necessary

?       Restocking bathroom supplies and keeping the supply room stocked

?       Based upon the direction and discretion of our Board of Directors organize events on the facility, including but not limited to Family Fun Day and the Music Festival and shall serve as ambassadors for WOW in the local community, maintaining outreach and partnerships

?       Doing laundry and keeping all stored bedding clean, placing and emptying garbage receptacles, ordering weekly trash pick-ups and burning trash as necessary

?       Scheduling annual sewer and septic checks and cleanings

?       Ordering fish annually in the Spring, which are donated by Colorado Parks and Recreation

?       Responsible for executing (hire contractors, or lead volunteers):

?       Maintaining all tools, lawn mowers, golf carts, and trickle chargers for batteries

?       Keeping all driveways, roads and parking lots graded

?       Mowing and trimming grass, bushes and trees as necessary

?       Repairing picnic tables, benches and boardwalks

?       Handle all expenses related to the management of the facility which include but are not limited to the repair, upkeep and replacement of all our buildings, vehicles and equipment, insurance on our buildings and vehicles, office supplies, professional printing as needed, a land-line telephone, and a portion of VMT’s cellular telephone

?       Maintain, clean, organize, and operate the office, gift shop and office restroom from 9:00am – 6:00pm during the Season.  This shall include answering the telephone and responding to emails on a daily basis, handling all payment transactions and maintaining credit card equipment, depositing any cash, and mailing checks to the WOW Treasurer as necessary

?       Promptly manage all complaints and other problems that may arise, including the possible ejections of unruly campers from the facility, and shall maintain first aid items and emergency numbers on the facility

?       Provide a limited number of Services during the off-season, with such Services specifically limited to maintaining the calendar, answering telephone calls regarding client inquiries, and taking campsite reservations

Experience Requirements

?       Experience with Colorado outdoors

?       Campground host or property manager

?       Experience with the disability community

?       Project management experience

?       Experience managing people

?       Ability to manage credit card and cash transactions

?       Experience with non profit boards

?       Red Cross certified


Other skills

?       Strong verbal and written communications

?       Able to demonstrate critical thinking without Board input

?       Technology proficiency (Square, MS Office, digital reservation system)

?       Motivated to give back to the community

?       Not necessarily contractor, just know when something is wrong to take action on an issue

?       Housing: willing to live onsite seasonally April-October, all expenses (except food) covered. 2020 will be a transition year, shadowing current Manager

?       Pass background and credit check

?       References that demonstrate the individual’s ability to interact in an appropriate manner with children

Compensation Package

·        Couple can live in a house on the property during the season for no charge

·        Small stipend - negotiable

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