Apartment Manager/Maintenance Team - Lowell , AR

Apartment Manager/Maintenance Team - Lowell , AR

Posted: 8/16/2016 - 7:42 am

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Site Manager will perform the following duties and any other job responsibilities assigned.  Office personnel will be available during the office hours of the property.


·         Collect rents and make bank deposits.

·         Complete Delinquency Statements and do follow-up. 

·         Send 90 Day Notice, issue verification forms required for Re-certification.

·         Maintain a daily log of duties performed on the property.

·         Complete Maintenance Requests.

·         Maintain a monthly inventory.

·         Type and hand out notices to residents. 

·         Organize community room activities (i.e. Birthdays, Holiday Activities, Potlucks & Game Night).

·         Update waiting list-minimum every six (6) months.

·         Issue Violations and follow-up.  Work with Property Manager on evictions.

·         Handle all advertising as needed.

Painting and Cleaning

  • Site Manager is responsible for organizing the making ready of all apartments for occupancy within a three (3) day turnaround. 

·         Make sure cleaning supplies are available.

·         Issue the Cleaning Checklist to the sub-contractor cleaning the unit.

·         Inspect unit for maintenance and painting required to bring unit to rental condition.

·         Painting will be done in the most cost effective way.  Manager is responsible for                                            touch-ups  completes.

·         Issue the Painting Guidelines and Painting Make Ready form to sub-contractor.

·         Obtain sub-contractor insurance requirements. 

·         Follow-up with final inspection of sub-contractors work.

·         Arrange carpet cleaning company, inspect and approve work performed.

·         Turn off electric in warmer weather or adjust heat in colder weather.

·         Manager will check vacant apartments for vandalism, cleanliness and maintenance problems twice a week (more often in cold weather).  Will freshen up if required.

Rent Up & Vacancies

·         Be willing to show apartments at all times - appointments are to be set-up ahead of time, when possible. 

·         Hand out Rental Application package and brochures.

·         Obtain Security Deposit and if payment arrangements are made, follow-up on balances.

·         As soon as vacating notice is given, refer to waiting list or begin marketing unit to fill the vacancy.

·         Make quarterly contacts for marketing, send letters and maintain quarterly Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Log.

·         Work with PPM Office on lowering the “turn-over ratio” and staying within approved budget.

Move-in and Move-out


·         Gather all necessary documents for initial Certification.  Prepare worksheet and forward to PPM.

·         The PPM office will complete the Resident Certification.

·         Prepare the Lease Agreement package and administer the Lease.

·         Perform Move-In Inspection and issue keys.

·         Familiarize resident with operation of all equipment and appliances.

·         Instruct resident where to park, where their mailbox is located and the laundry facilities. 

·         Update resident list, telephone list and birthday list.


·         Obtain Thirty Day Notice and send Notice of Intent to Vacate to PPM.

·         Perform Move-Out Inspection and obtain keys.

·         Arrange electric switch-over.

·         Perform painting and cleaning description as outlined previously.

·         Send Request For Security Deposit Refund to PPM.  

·         Switch out locks and adjust keys accordingly.

·         Begin marketing.


Maintenance personnel will perform maintenance during the office hours of the property.

·         Maintenance will be performed within 48-72 hours and in the most cost effective way.  (Excluding major electrical, plumbing or heating and cooling problems.)

·         Advise PPM Office when outside help is needed.

·         Leave “Door Knockers” when entering a unit.

·         Work with PPM on the “Current Planned Improvements.”

·         Approve all work done by outside contractors.

·         Observe and learn when outside contractor services are being used.

·         Record maintenance in daily Maintenance Log.

·         Handle preventive maintenance work as scheduled by PPM (filter changes, smoke detectors, etc.).

Grounds Maintenance

·         Walk the grounds daily.

·         Raise and lower the flag daily (weather permitting), familiarize yourself with The Flag Code insert in the S.O.P.

·         Clean common areas and check overall condition of the property.

·         Keep grounds, sidewalks and parking lot swept, clear of rocks, trash and cigarette butts.

·         Perform pruning and trimming of shrubs (in season).  Rid and treat shrubs for bag worms in May.

·         Keep landscaped areas weeded and free of leaves and debris on a regular basis. 

·         Arrange mowing with lawn care vendor 3-4 days in advance.  Oversee mowing and weed-eating and approve work.  (Must walk grounds before and after mowing.)

·         Keep oil spots cleaned up in parking area (work with resident when they are responsible).

·         Keep limbs picked up off lawn (walk grounds after storms).

·         Water lawn, shrubs and fertilize as necessary.

·         Rake leaves as necessary.  Arrange one (1) major leaf raking and oversee (usually late fall).

·         Twice a month, inspect all outside lights (at dark) and replace bulbs as needed and clean out bugs.

·         Remove snow/ice on sidewalks as necessary.  Make arrangements for help in the parking lots.  (Spread sand/ice melt sparingly as to not damage sidewalks).

·         Record grounds care in daily Maintenance Log.

·         Put up seasonal decorations around the property.

·         Maintain cleanliness of the OLM (Office Building).  Check laundry room daily (lights off, air off, heat down, vandalism, etc.).

Other Job Duties (Manager & Maintenance)

·         Perform a monthly inspection with Property Manager.

·         Handle resident complaints keeping a record of conversation(s) to file in residents file.

·         Attend training seminars as requested.

·         Obtain and read the PPM S.O.P. Manual signing an Acknowledgement of Receipt.

·         Obtain and read the Manager Section of the FmHA 1930-C Handbook (if your property is RD).

·         Work with PPM to stay in budget and work for the best of the property, its owners, and most important, the residents.

This is a full time position for the Manager and Maintenance technician.  Benefits include vacation. holiday pay, sick pay, and health insurance.                                                                                                                              

This job opening has expired. Click here to see the latest job openings. (If you are a subscriber and you are seeing this expired listing, you need to log in with your username and password.)