Plantation Caretaker - Slidell, LA

Plantation Caretaker - Slidell, LA

Posted: 8/9/2017 - 8:16 pm



Experienced, physically fit single or couple as caretakers needed for a large, private estate in Slidell, Louisiana.  This is a long term, full-time live-in position.  Duties include landscape maintenance, general handyman work, pool, tree and lawn care. Cleaning and caring for all outdoor buildings, fences and furniture. Use and maintenance of heavy equipment required. Strong mechanical, electrical, carpentry and plumbing experience a must.

 The individual will be responsible for understanding and monitoring the property's electrical, plumbing, water, irrigation, heating, and security systems, and, when outside repairmen are needed, the individual will be expected to learn from the repairman both the problem and the solution. This is a very active lifestyle for an experienced, responsible, organized, self-starter who would often be working without daily supervision, but from closely monitored checklists. Duties include maintaining the grounds and garden to a high standard (grass cutting, weed-eating, stick picking up, spraying around trees, chain sawing, fence mending, fountain maintenance, garden watering and weeding).  Housekeeping requirements include routine cleaning and laundry services.

This is a unique opportunity for a special, hardworking couple, looking for a rewarding career in a rural, natural environment. Successful applicant must be a self starter with the ability to work independently and perform regular duties without close supervision. Compensation package includes on-site private residence, (Two bedroom, house, with one bath, attached garage, etc., on two acres of wooded land, located in the middle of the property) utility allowance, salary is $40,000 and safety bonus is possible. Hours are Monday through Friday, eight hours a day, weekends off. Nights, including weekend nights, must be spent on the property, although when the owner is present, exceptions can be arranged.  Must pass a background check work well with people and possess a valid US drivers License.  

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