Organic Permaculture farm in Costa Rica - Platanillo

Organic Permaculture farm in Costa Rica - Platanillo

Posted: 4/6/2017 - 9:39 am

Seeking a hands-on working couple to caretake at an organic permaculture farm in Costa Rica - Platanillo/Tinamastes area as early as June 2017. 

We are a family owned farm with a vision to live sustainably with nature through organic gardening, reforestation, green building, and hosting volunteers to enrich their Costa Rica experience.

What we are looking for in a caretaker: You should have intermediate or higher level Spanish, be very comfortable in nature, and be interested in exploring a sustainable, off-grid lifestyle.

You are well traveled and comfortable living in a foreign culture. Ideally this is not your first time to Central America, and you have your own car or mode of transportation.

You enjoy gardening, bird watching (we have so many varieties!) site design, teaching/sharing/managing volunteer projects, cooking and food preservation.

The farm is located 20 minutes east of the surf beach town of Dominical (toward San Isidro).

You design your day around the needs of the farm which include mulching, composting, watering, planting and pruning, trail maintainance, and general home cleaning and repairs.

We have safe drinking water, washing machine, fans, dehumidified space, gas stove, BBQ, outdoor shower (no hot water) and septic system.

Owner works a 2 month on/off schedule and requires caretaker to live at farm when they are gone working.

Upon owner return, caretaker can remain or travel until owner leaves again. This is a great opportunity for a person or couple who is interested in gaining valuable experience in sustainable living and like the idea of living abroad in Costa Rica. No salary, but utilities are paid, accommodations are free and food can be abundant.

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