FEATURED JOB OPENING: Territory Management Team - Aurora, CO

FEATURED JOB OPENING: Territory Management Team - Aurora, CO

Posted: 11/13/2017 - 3:37 pm

Join a rapidly expanding sales company, servicing the medical industry! This couples-team management position is a full-time career in a specialized, growing industry!


**Job Description :

We are in need of a strong, sales management "team" to assume an on-going travel sales position. We are looking for a team that will operate out of Colorado. A basic job description is presented below.

Start Date: by January 2, 2018

The Team :

  • Team is responsible for setting up the scrub sales event for medical staff to purchase their uniforms, shoes and accessories. This requires being physically fit due to the physical labor of pushing inventory racks in and out of facilities.
  • Must have knowledge of how to operate a computer and deal with customers.
  • Two week routes (over the weekend) are scheduled by the in-house scheduling department. There are additional days off, after each two week route.
  • Submit all weekly required paperwork, documentation and expense reports

Our management teams float throughout the company's 12 state territory. The management team will leave on a Sunday to arrive at their destination Monday morning prior to sales event. The team's two week schedule will be established so that the team works their way back to the corporate headquarters at the end of each route. Last event of the two week route is on a Friday. Team is off duty until the following Thursday morning.

The "in-house" scheduling department handles all bookings for the teams.

** Expenses :

  • All hotel & gas expenditures are covered by the company. Food allowance/Per Diem will be paid for by the company (within company guidelines).
  • 2015-2016 diesel Chevy trucks and 16' trailer is provided by the company

Corporate Training :

Training is in Aurora, CO. and consists of a four week training program which is customized for each management team. Training time will be spent at the corporate office, and at scrub sale events, to provide for a well-rounded knowledge of the product and customer base.

Starting annual salary :

  • $40,000.00 - Truck Manager,
  • $30,000.00 - Assistant Manager

** Other benefits :

Bonus/Sales Override :

  • When quarterly goals are achieved, the management team will split a 1% incentive bonus of the total net dollars sold. This starts at an additional $625 per person, per quarter as sales goals are achieved. If the yearly sales goals are attained this could potentially add an additional $2,500 for each team member.

Medical Insurance Participation : Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield:

  • W.O.W. pays for up to 65% of the elected health insurance coverage. Health insurance premiums are payroll deducted and are pre-tax dollars. Enrollment is available after 60 days of successful employment.

Experience :

  • Must have 2+ years of sales/customer service experience.

Must Pass/Qualify :

  • A background check and drug test, along with a medical report meeting DOT standards is required to be hired for position. DMV report will be pulled by insurance company. CDL license is not required.


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $70,000.00 /year for Team

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