FEATURED JOB OPENING: Caretaker at Fishing Club - Lake George, CO

FEATURED JOB OPENING: Caretaker at Fishing Club - Lake George, CO

Posted: 3/28/2017 - 1:29 pm

This position is for caretaker(s) at a fishing club located in Lake George, Colorado approximately one hour west of Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are is a 400 acre, gated community comprised of weekend homes and cabins with only a few of the 320 members being full time residents.

  The primary focus is short term getaways with most members participating in sport fishing, hiking, ATV riding, and enjoying the great outdoors. We are almost completely surrounded by the Pike National Forest and members enjoy access to the forest property as well. Caretakers are responsible for security within the club and insuring members and guests adhere to the club rules and regulations.

  The caretaker will be required to operate and maintain a pickup truck, front end loader, backhoe, mowing equipment, chainsaws and other equipment typically used to maintain a ranch. Duties include road maintenance, snow removal, mowing, weed and brush control, security patrols, generally cleaning and maintaining club equipment, the property, the caretakers home, participate in fish stocking, maintaining pond and stream banks, and other duties as assigned by the club’s board of directors.  Caretaker will be required to handle some chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides. Basic skills to include carpentry, equipment operations and maintenance, and other skills typically used to maintain a ranch and home.

A couple is preferred as many of the duties are administrative in nature. Candidates should have basic computer skills for bill paying, coordination with contractors and service providers that enter and leave the property daily, and general office administration work such as answering phone calls and generally assisting members. 

Strong interpersonal skills and conflict resolution skills are a must as frequent interaction with members, guests, contractors, and the general public occur on a daily basis.

Since caretakers are expected to reside on the property full time, a 1200 square foot, three bedroom home including utilities will be provided plus a salary commensurate with experience starting at $25,000 to $35,000 per year.   A two week paid vacation plus six paid holidays. Income can be supplemented by performing routine home maintenance tasks during off hours at the request of members.

 The caretaker(s) must be self-motivated, have independent reasoning and problem solving skills and be able to work with limited daily supervision. On-going maintenance on the property can include assistance from the members, but the caretaker is expected to take the lead when work projects are identified by the Board of Directors. References will be required and drug testing may be a condition of employment.







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